Tuesday, 2 February 2010

10:23 Followup with Boots

I've been following up on my overdose of Silicea by trying to find out exactly what is in the pills I took and how they are made. I've sent the following to Boots and my local trading standards office, who both politely sent me to the MHRA - the UK body that regulates medicines and healthcare products. I'm now sending off some FOI requests to them, and a simillar enquiry to Nelsons, who actually hold the authorisation to market the product.

I recently purchased a Boots branded 'Silicea C30 Homeopathic Remedy', expecting it to contain only sugar pills which had been laced with water forced to memorise the presence of silica after repeated dilutions. I did not expect there to be any silica in this product, though. I have since done deeper research into methods of homeopathic production, and believe that the pills provided do not meet the description on the label.

Initially I expected this product to contain no Silica as it would eventually be diluted so far as to be effectively not present and brought it under this impression. A homeopathic dilution of C30 implies that only 1 part in 10^60 could remain (10 with 60 zeros after it). I now know that even the most advanced water purification techniques cannot produce water with absolutely no silica in and that as a result it is unlikely that this product contains Silica at the C30 dilution level, but instead probably contains Silica at around the C4 or C5 dilution levels, plus extra Silica on the pills leached from the glass in which they are contained.

I believe this product is mislabeled. Please let me know what you will be doing about this.

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