Sunday, 29 May 2011

Moose the revenge

19:56 I continued my immersion in things Moose and dived past MooseX::Method::Signatures which was quite the groovy and on into MooseX::Declare. MooseX::Declare seemed like such a wonderful thing, until I wrapped it around my otherwise perfectly functioning class and BOOM! four thousand lines of errors and no idea why or where. Long story short, I'd coincidentally deleted the leading { in "$ENV{HOME}/blah" so the code inside the class was invalid. Fine, don't compile, but please DON'T JUST EXPLODE perhaps say why you've decided to explode and provide a useful error. I like Moose a lot, I'll be using it, but I'll be very cautious of any programming language (for that is what Moose is) which won't tell me where I've gone wrong.

20:00 Right, so now I'm going to go home and eat.

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